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Welcome to New IARC Committee Members


The Management Board have the responsibility for the directing the organisation’s business, ensuring it is well managed and delivering the outcomes for which it has been set up.  The Board works collaboratively at problem solving and in decision making in projects and on development plans, which are then undertaken primarily by the International Business Manager.

We are delighted to welcome the following people onto the Committee Board 

Ciarda Barrett, Chief Academic Officer, Further Learning Group
Ron Gui, Managing Director, AREMT/SEAPHECC
Sarika Singh, Country Manager (Australia), Further Learning Group
Marie Beermann, Senior Academic Officer, Australian Correspondence Schools
Liz See, Founder Get Threaded® Australia

All posts on the Management Board provide leadership on the following:

setting the strategic direction to ensure the activities of the organisation are in-line with member expectations and needs
ensuring the effective management and taking necessary steps to improve procedures where necessary
monitor activities to ensure they stay in line with the vision and mission and founding principles and values or the organisation