Membership Benefits

Why become a member?  Because Quality Is Important and Credentials Matter. 

Membership  provides:

1. opportunity to actively  work  with us to enhance aspects  of  your course  delivery,  content,  assessment  and  administrative  services.  

2. an  assurance  to  students  that  a  member  institution  has  satisfied  a  set  of  academic,  ethical  and  operational  standards.  

3. opportunities  for  quality  focused  institutions  and  educators  to  network  and  collaborate, providing  benchmarks  for  excellence  in  education.


What this means to your current students or prospective students?

The benefits of studying with an IARC member institution include:

        Knowing the course is contemporary, and the education programs are created intentionally for student’s success

        The school is led by management focussed on industry input and quality design

        Flexible delivery options including home, blended and campus, mobile and online are standard

        Mentoring or tutoring is provided by experienced, highly professional industry experts or academically trained staff

        Students can access a proven record in quality servicing and assurance