Membership Benefits



Quality Matters | Credentials Matter | Education Matters 

  • Demonstrate currency in quality and operational excellence in education. 
  • Rely on a quality management system that has a global focus.
  • Work with peers and colleagues, share good practice and challenge others to look outside traditional systems.

Membership with IARC means a college or institution has demonstrated an established value chain. 

 You can leverage membership approval of your organisation for further benefits!





Six Business Orientated Member Benefits


Registration and approval envelopes your business operations and proves a standard recognisable in global education organisations.


Share our standards with your school community for student reassurance and increased enrolments.


Advise potential business partners or other B2B opportunities that you employ quality management infrastructure to guide your service delivery.


The education delivered by you is recognised for its value and meaning in conceptual theory and/or application - tell your market that you have achieved this in your courses.


The Framework for Excellence and the accompanying mini-audits are tools which can provide performance benchmarks and corrective action - embed the Framework criteria in discussions around operational excellence and your improvement strategy.


We work to support our members achieve their goals. Meetings with our quality process analyst can help you understand quality tools and process techniques, and plan enhanced customer satisfaction methods for your organisation and students.



Joining the Centre means more than only membership

Members can:

Enhance aspects of courses and associated administrative services.

Give an assurance that a set of academic, ethical and operational standards are met and maintained.

Access free networking events for quality focused educational leaders to collaborate.

Connect with a knowledgeable source of industry information critical to your business.

Utilise the Centre's marketing capabilities to drive traffic to your site, to promote your school directly with enquirers, or via our social media campaign. 

Enjoy promotion of your schools and events via IARC's social media platforms.

Increase engagement and take more enquiries from prospective students. 




Meet Our Standards - Students Benefit Too

For students, benefits of studying with an IARC member school, college or institution include:
  • Knowing the course is contemporary and the education programs are created intentionally for student success.
  • The school's leaders are focused on industry input and quality instructional design and delivery.
  • Flexible delivery options are available - home, blended, campus, mobile and online learning environments suit their needs.
  • Mentoring or tutoring is provided by experienced, highly professional industry experts and/or academically trained staff.
  • Students can access a proven record in quality servicing and assurance. 
  • Courses are secure and technology rich. Data control and monitoring processes are in place. 
  • The user (student) experience is paramount.