International Approval and Registration Centre

IARC is an association which recognises institutions who aspire to excellence in tertiary education.
We collaborate with creative minds to enhance education programs.
We connect to share good practice and bring quality into focus.
We combine what we know, with what you know for innovation in learning.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1999, IARC is a quality control system for education programs and courses in international education.

IARC consists of a Committee Board of accomplished education professionals and a growing network of members. The committee work to endorse quality education courses in the international market. By combining the wealth of skills and knowledge of the committee we can ensure standards are set as a framework of benchmarks for excellence.

What we do

Our primary purpose is to provide a simple recognition system for distinguishing quality, post secondary education including vocational, distance, adult and continuing education.

By becoming a member of IARC, a school, college or training institution has registered as a provider of quality education.  

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