About Us

The International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) is a dynamic, non-profit association.  Our head-office and administration centre is in Queensland, Australia. We have a regional committee in the United Kingdom. 

Our Work 

The Centre’s primary purpose is to provide a simple quality system for distinguishing quality post-secondary education including vocational education, online and distance education, adult and continuing education. We work with institutions who deliver quality education ranging from comprehensive one day courses and professional development sessions, workshops and courses, to higher and tertiary qualifications. We do not operate outside of the education and training industry. 

In response to increasing globalisation of world economies and societies: 
1. the centre aims to have a global rather than national focus
2. the centre does not replace any national framework or existing awarding organisation, but is an adjunct to it.
3. the centre oversees the quality standards of education institutions who may operate outside of a government constructed national training agenda.  
4. the centre frequently reviews the quality standards which form the basis of the quality framework.  

Our Products and Services

Organisational Membership for Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions

We offer schools and educational institutions the opportunity to register with us and join the network as a member.  This is an opportunity for schools and education institutions to put students at the heart of what they do. Joining IARC demonstrates professional status to prospective and current students and provides reassurance they can expect service and education of the highest standard.


Professional Development Awards for Courses (Course Endorsement)

Approved and registered Organisational Members are eligible to apply for the IARC Professional Development Award on a course.  Formal benchmarks exist across course categories. A school or educational institution must demonstrate it has met the requirements outlined the benchmarks statements to receive the award. 

This framework is now in the final phase of development and will be available to Organisational Members from early 2022. Please contact IARC's Business Manager if you would like more information. 

Tutor & Lecturer Register for Education Professionals

Following the development of Professional Standards for Tutors and Lecturers in tertiary learning environments, education professionals can register with us. Registration with IARC recognises the contribution that tutors and lecturers make in transforming lives through high quality teaching and learning. By registering with IARC, an educator demonstrates:

Professional values

Professional knowledge and understanding

Professional practice

The Standards themselves have been developed to assist tutors, educators and lecturers to understand the scope of their role in achieving positive outcomes for students. IARC encourages all teaching and learning staff of IARC member schools to join the register. 

IARC accepts applicants from schools and educational institutions who are not part of the current IARC network. All welcome.


Our Past

IARC was formed in 1999 in Australia by a small group of skilled and expert education professionals with shared vision. Originally IARC was abbreviated from the International Accreditation and Recognition Council. Those visionary individuals identified a need to support and promote schools offering quality education whilst responding to changing international perspectives on education. 


The founding members of the International Approval and Registration Centre are:

Australian Correspondence Schools

Health Schools Australia

International College of Complementary Medicine

Floral Art School of Australia

A shift towards distance and correspondence study, resulted in a need to assist schools and institutions secure their future in the fast changing global economy and the global education market. IARC kept bureaucracy low and the system affordable.  

2018 saw the opening of the regional UK office, following the inauguration of the regional committee back in 2014. We believe this demonstrates our commitment to our UK and European members by having a resident presence. 


Our Future

The quality of education provided by IARC members is the central theme of our success. IARC maintains its position through the continued development and implementation of leading edge best practice.  

We work to sustain quality learning and teaching strategies by: 

  • promote excellence in education practice
  • supporting course leaders and teams on development projects e.g. qualification development 
  • communicate and champion new developments in education practice
  • encourage the maintenance of quality standards throughout membership via annual quality assurance checks

Exciting times lie ahead as we continue to expand and grow.