Membership Application Requirements

To become a member, all organisations must provide a completed application form, submit supporting documentary evidence and pay a non-refundable application processing fee.

In providing documentary evidence, the applicant demonstrates they satisfy the requirements set out in our Framework for Excellence. 

The 4 elements of the Framework for Excellence are:


Course content 

Course delivery

Course assessment


Please download the application form (below) to see each of these 4 elements in more detail.

You can also review how the self-assessment is linked to criteria which the institution needs to meet.


You will see the application form is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: You provide some simple and basic information about the management team and the school.

Members are asked to sign a ‘Declaration of Honest Practice’ and confirm they agree to the terms to the IARC complaints arbitration system.  

Part 2: Collate your documentary evidence and carry out a self-assessment ensuring you have evidence that demonstrates each element is achieved.

Please note a member institution needs to achieve the minimum of 25 points for each element. You do not need to evidence every criteria.


Much of the work we do is supporting institutions to become a member. Please contact us to talk about how your application is coming together and if you are facing any challenges with the evidence submission. 

We are here to help.