Organisational Membership is open to schools, colleges, universities and training institutions in mainstream, public and private education sectors. We work with vocational education and training providers, higher educations providers, private enterprise in education, non-profits and community education groups. The formal business size and structure of an education provider is not limiting. We focus on learning and quality. 

Download our Organisation Membership Guide here to find out more about registering with the Centre as an Organisational Member. 

Apply to Register with IARC

To become a registered member, an organisation is required to submit an application. 

Organisational Membership can only be approved on submission of an application which adheres to IARC's Quality Standards. The Quality Standards are outlined in IARC's Quality Framework.  
Download the Quality Framework here or click over to our Standards page to read more. 

The application can be viewed as two sections:

Part 1: You provide basic information about the school, leadership team, stakeholders, campus locations, social media platforms, web addresses and give an assurance of the institution's cooperation of the broad goals and specific codes of the Centre. 

Part 2: Conduct a self-assessment to ensure you can meet the minimum threshold for membership, and collate evidence which supports the self-assessment.

You do not need to evidence every criteria of the Quality Framework.  More information on what is needed can be viewed on our Standards page.  

The joining application is rigorous - that is how we can be certain of the standards of IARC Member Organisations.  Much of our work is supporting institutions to successfully become a member. Please contact us to talk about how your application is coming together and if you might face any challenges with the evidence submission. You can contact the Registrations Team via email [email protected] .

We accept applications from organisations operating in North America, Canada, Europe, UK, Middle-East, Russia, South America, Africa, India, Far East and Asia-Pacific Region.  

Types of Membership 

Full Membership

Provisional Membership

Affiliate Membership


Applications open to schools, colleges and institutions operating for 12 months or more who wish to work with the Centre to promote their school/college, seeking full benefits of membership for staff and students.



Applications open to new schools, colleges and institutions operating for less 12 months or more who wish to work with the Centre to develop excellent practice and enhance services in line with IARC’s Quality Framework.



For those who have management or leadership responsibilities, or operate consultancy services, and professional practice is enriched and professional status is acknowledged by links to the Centre.

Membership Fees 

We have always kept our fees to the minimum possible. We believe in equity in global education. There's gaps in education across the globe, that is fact. By providing opportunities for institutions from less economically advantaged nations to join the Centre, then we're taking a step toward inclusive education.