Apply for Organisational Membership to Join the Centre

Membership is open to:
•    schools - private and non-profit
•    colleges
•    universities
•    government endorsed providers
•    training institutions
•    education consultants and small enterprise

We work with vocational education and training providers, tertiary education providers, private enterprise, non-profits and community education groups. The formal business size and structure of an education provider is not limiting.

We focus on learning and quality.

Document download Quick Guide to Organisational Membership.

Step 1 Organisational Membership Application - submit here



Standards Shape Education Quality Management

When a school or college applies for Organisational Membership, we require a submission which proves a minimal ability to adhere to the Centre’s Quality Standards. 

Generally, whether standards are set by peers or by government officials or elected representatives of a system (which applies to a given country, state or region), standards exist to provide accountability, and ultimately improve academic quality where otherwise it may be lacking.

The Centre's quality standards are outlined in a simple framework called the Framework for Excellence.

Document download Framework for Excellence - IARC's Standards for Membership




Provide Supporting Evidence – A Valuable Step in Your Quality Control Processes

An application for membership must be supported by evidence to a minimum threshold.  By requiring a robust application we can be confident in the standards of our members.

This ensures:

  • school success
  • student achievement
  • the Centre's credentials
  • retained quality across the member network

During the evidence gathering stage and preparing the submission, you might identify potential gaps in the submission. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this step as we can help, furthermore we can sometimes make suggestions on alternative evidence you may have.

To assist, suggested types of evidence are included on the Self-Assessment Compliance template.  

Document download Self-Assessment Compliance template (excel doc).

When ready to apply, you may submit evidence online or you can email your submission to the Centre.


 Step 2 Organisational Membership | Evidence Submission - submit here




Registration and Approval Fees

We have always kept our fees to the minimum possible. We believe in equity in global education even given vast differences in world economies. By providing opportunities for institutions from less economically advantaged nations to join the Centre, then we're taking a critical step toward inclusive education.

Australian Registration Fees


United Kingdom Registration Fees



"We have nurtured a strong and reliable partnership with IARC due to our existing courses that hold recognition from this organisation. The acknowledgment of our courses by IARC empowers us to bolster our standing and reputation within the Education Industry" Sarika Singh, General Manager Australian Operations - Further Learning


"ADL has been a member of IARC since its inception.  We joined IARC because we found their educational vision to be in line with ours: committed to education and wanting to be the best we could be. The support from IARC has been excellent and their attitude towards education is so forward thinking. In comparison to other accrediting bodies, IARC's is way ahead for service, support and affordability" Daryl Tempest-Mogg, Director of Vocational Training - ADL, Academy for Distance Learning 


"Teflen Training College has been a member and works with IARC for its accreditation.  We have found IARC to be professional and thorough. All correspondence with this body has been promptly answered and handled in a very professional manner. Since joining IARC as a member, Teflen Training College has received continued support and assistance whenever required, feeling secure in the knowledge that we are represented by such a sound body. Jade Sciascia has been our representative with IARC, and has taken personal responsibility for overseeing our membership. Jade has been very helpful through every step and we are glad to have access to her experiencePeter Steele, Principal - Teflen Training College


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