A school seeking to have a course or courses endorsed by IARC must lodge an application with their application for IARC membership (recognition). An application for endorsement may be made for more than one course, however documentation must be provided for each course.

When an application for course endorsement is received, the indicated course(s) will be assessed by the IARC Committee Board and may also be reviewed by a IARC representative from the relevant discipline.

Application Requirements

Endorsed courses must meet the criteria listed below regarding course content, duration, assessment, and teaching staff.

To apply for endorsement for a course, submit an endorsement application form and relevant supporting documentation for each course, including:

  • course details, including course title and level of qualification (select from the levels of qualification used by IARC, which may not be those used in the systems).
  • outline of course content or course syllabus (an outline must at least include titles and aims for each lesson, module or course).
  • course duration and timeframe (course duration can include minimal or average class or tutor contact hours, and hours of experience or practice required for graduation).
  • names and qualifications of designated teachers for the course.
Please note that course information must be on official stationary or in a student handbook or course promotional material or on the school website (provide the relevant webpage addresses).

To Apply

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  Application Form

Membership Infomation

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