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Member Update June 2018 IARC is changing

IARC is changing 
The International Accreditation and Recognition Council is now formally called IARC. We are a still a non-profit organisation operating in line with the Incorporated Associations Act 1981 (updated as at March 2017).  

What changes are happening and when? 
We have a new name, a new slogan, and new branding with fresh new logos. We’re also making changes to what membership includes. 

All changes are gradually coming in now and will continue to emerge throughout 2018. It is expected you will see old branding in places for some time, so if you do, we'd appreciate if you would drop us an email to [email protected] to let us know! This website is undergoing some updates throughout June. 

We are also on the look-out for more people to participate at Committee level, increasing our member services, improving our visibility through our social media platforms, increasing valuable contact with members, revising our internal procedures and more.  
We are busy! 

What does IARC now stand for? 
International Approval and Registration Centre 

What do we offer? 
The association offers membership to schools, colleges and universities who want to be part of a thriving network. The association recognises institutions and educators who aspire to excellence in tertiary education (that is anything post-secondary of course!). 

What are membership benefits? 
We collaborate with creative minds to enhance education programs. 
We connect to share good practice and bring quality into focus. 
We combine what we know, with what you know for innovation in learning   
... and more

What do you really need to remember? 
We are phasing out course accreditation. In short, new member applicants will no longer be able to refer to a course as "IARC Accredited". It won’t exist. Members who have already achieved that however will be able to continue promoting their accreditation for the time being. 

There are some hot issues around the concepts of accreditation – so there’s much debate to be had. We may replace traditional accreditation with a Quality award, stamp or similar. 

What is the way to answer questions about accreditation and recognition from students? 
You would be expected to say the school is a member of the organisation (association). To reassure students, explain IARC has carried out rigorous checks to ensure the school (member) offers a standard of quality in 4 areas: administration, course delivery, course content, and course assessment.  We don't say a school or a course is accredited.  You may find your ways to explain we recognise quality! 

What are some other key points about our organisation? 
We value inclusion, being conscious that we offer fair and non-discriminatory opportunities, ethical standards are firmly embedded in the organisation's operations. We also value that in our members.  

What do I do if I have more questions? 
Contact us! [email protected]  We’re delighted to help. This is a snapshot of big changes. We understand some clarity may be sought. We are here to support you in that. 

Best wishes, IARC Management Team