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Membership Fees and Application Procedure 



Application Fee: A non-refundable $200.00 paid once when applying for membership (recognition)

Annual Fee: The first annual membership fee is due immediately on approval of the application and will cover recognition until the following June 30th.  Discounts for the first annual fee are applicable, determined by the time of year the application is approved:

  • October - December application approval receives 25% discount
  • January - March application approval receives 50% discount
  • April - June application approval receives 75%  

A flat rate annual fee of $330.00 is payable on the 1st July each year thereafter.


Application Fee: A non-refundable $200.00 paid once when applying for membership (recognition)

Annual Fee: The first annual fee is due immediately on approval of the application and will cover recognition until the following 30th June. Please note there are no discounts on provisional membership fees.

A flat rate annual fee of $100.00 is payable on the 1st July each year thereafter until full membership status is achieved.

Please note all fees are in Australian dollars. Fees will be reviewed annually and any increases must be approved by 66% of members. Members of other professional bodies, which affiliate with the Council, will be entitled to claim a 20% discount on all fees.


1. Complete and sign the application form including: the mission statement; confirmation that daily operating procedures and practices of the organisation do not deviate from procedures and practices as per the submission; acceptance and support of the complaints procedure system.

2. Compile and attach documentary evidence to demonstrate the organisation satisfies the requirements for recognition

3. Send the completed application and fee in one of the followings ways:

  • post to IARC, P.O. Box 2092, Nerang MDC, QLD, 4211, Australia
  • email to 
  • fax to + 61 7 5562 1099 
  • courier to IARC, Eastside Building, Space 209, 232 Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina, Qld 4226, Australia


Organisations may pay by cheque, postal money order or bank transfer, international money order or credit card.

Bank transfer details are:

Account Name: IARC 
swift code: WPACAU2S
BSB 034 279
Account number 125163
Westpac Banking Corporation (Robina, Australia)


To become a member and promote an organisation as internationally recognised, documentary evidence must be provided as evidence. Evidence should satisfy the requirement to attain a minimum of 25 points in each of 4 areas: 

  • course content
  • course assessment
  • course delivery
  • administration
Points will be awarded on the following:


Successful operation for 1 or more years* for each year (up to 10) you can claim 1 point

1 point

A structured and documented mechanism for dealing with administrative errors, mistakes or non compliance.

5 points

References specifically supporting administration supplied by two successful past students

5 points

Procedures are documented (staff manual, job specifications, etc)

5 points

A Quality System in place and externally audited and endorsed

5 points

Letter of support from Organisation's Chartered Accountant attesting to financial and administrative soundness of the organisation.

5 points

* Provisional Membership is available for new institutions.


Courses are documented (e.g. curriculum documentation, study guides or comprehensive outlines)

5 points

Documented procedure for input from industry in course content

5 points

Documented procedure to update course materials continually (feedback continually sought from students and acted upon)

5 points

Documented procedure to review courses at least every 3 years based upon inputs from students and/or industry

5 points

Recognition or accreditation of a course by a reputable professional body, or articulation established for main courses with another member of this recognition body.

5 points

References supporting content (specifically) supplied by two successful past students

5 points

Documentary evidence that courses are only developed by competent professionals with at least 5 years industry experience (references from colleagues, statutory declaration from staff)

5 points


Documentary evidence of physical resources needed to service the quantity and type of students being serviced, such as an extensive library, computer data base, classroom facilities

5 points

Exemplary references specifically supporting delivery supplied by two successful past students

5 points

Exemplary references from two successful employers in a relevant industry attesting to quality delivery (not past or present students)

5 points

All teaching or tutorial staff with 5 years or more continuous and recent industry experience

5 points

All teaching or tutorial staff with a qualification at or above the level they teach plus industry experience exceeding 3 years

5 points

Unrestricted access to staff by students during office hours or class times

5 points

Teaching staff have a teaching or training skills qualification

5 points

Flexibility in the delivery, that allows student to chose the location from where they study

5 points

Flexibility in the delivery, that allows student to chose the times at which they study

5 points


Flexibility –the student has a variety of ways open to them in which they may prove themselves (e.g. written and practical assessments)

5 points

All Assessors have 5 years or more experience, outside education, in what they are assessing

5 points

Assessors have an average of 10 years or more experience within their discipline but outside education, in what they are assessing

5 points

More than one person is involved in assessing a student

5 points

Opportunity for the student to repeat assessments (eg. Supplementary examinations)

5 points

Well structured and documented procedures for assessment

5 points

Industry input in the development of assessment techniques

5 points

A mechanism for students to submit feedback for improving Assessment (which is seriously considered for action)

5 points


This category is for new providers, operational for less than one year and additionally, therefore, unable to provide past student references supporting the administration. All other conditions of recognition must be fulfilled.

Full Recognised Membership will be ratified after 1 year of successful Provisional Recognised Membership, but subject to annual review for 2 years thereafter.



The requirement of 25 points in each section gives a total of 100 points out of a possible total of 155 or 64.5%.

An organisation attaining the minimum number of 100 points will be classified as a 2* organisation. 3*, 4*, 5* and 6* awards will then be given on the basis of point increments over the minimum e.g:

(Note: points values have been rounded to the nearest whole number)

  • 2* requires 64.5% (100 points)
  • 3* requires 65-75% (101-114 points)
  • 4* requires 75-85% (115-127 points)
  • 5* requires 85-95% (128-141 points)
  • 6* requires 95%+ (142-155 points)

Recognised Members will be entitled to advertise their Organisation as "Recognised by IARC as a 2*, (3*, 4*, 5*, 6*) Organisation", as appropriate.


Information supplied is for the public benefit and for the best interests of the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC), its members and its affiliates. It is not to be regarded as, or employed for, advice in any matter. IARC disclaims any, and all, liability arising in relation to any and all act/s and/or omission/s which relate to, or which is/are derived from, the contents of this website. While every effort is made to ensure that IARC displays correct information on its website, errors can occur. IARC disclaims any and all liability and/or responsibility for orders or complaints arising from such errors, including (but not limited to) fees, course requirements and membership details.