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Description: Affordable, career-focused, distance education programs. You can study at home, in your own time, at your own pace. ICI's courses are designed to give you the skills you need in today's fastest growing professions; study at your own pace; professional industry based tutors; accredited courses developed in consultation with industry; and job assistance for graduates. "I write to commend and congratulate the International Career Institute. They have been extremely supportive and helpful from enrolment to graduation" Sreedevi P (Executive Secretarial)

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Course NameCourse DescriptionCategoryStatus
Advertising Course The ICI Advertising course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program is divided into 3 major parts. The first part deals with advertising – the general concept, the advertising agency, the creative process and memory mechanisms. The second part focuses on selling – sales promotion and personal sales. The third part emphasizes on distribution – the goods and the channels of distribution. Business Accredited
Beauty Therapy and Make-Up ICI’s beauty therapy and make-up course gives you exceptional training in all aspects relevant to make people be at their best. Developed with beauty experts and industry professionals, our course delivers the best-kept secrets and the most advanced techniques to give you the edge in beauty services. Art and Design Accredited
Biblical Studies & Christian Ministry Course Getting in touch with our spirituality, beliefs, and inner faith is important for many of us. Some even go to the extent of sharing these to others. More than being a job or hobby, they treat is as their calling. If your desire in life includes leading other people to find and nurture their spiritual needs, take ICI’s biblical studies & Christian ministry course. Our course will help you gain better understanding of the Scriptures and Christian faith as well as guide you if your goal is to become a teacher, spiritual leader, or educator. Humanities Accredited
Bookkeeping Course The ICI Bookkeeping course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on preparing financial statement and maintaining asset and inventory records. Units on establishing and maintaining cash and accrual accounting systems are also included. Other topics that are covered are communication and technology in the workplace, principles of professional practice and policies implementation relevant to bookkeeping. Business Accredited
Business Management Course The ICI Business Management course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on establishment and management procedures, communication in business and problem solving. Other modules focus on the staff and financial management. Modules on productivity and marketing techniques are also included. Business Accredited
Catering & Cooking Course ICI’s catering and cooking course turns your passion into a highly fulfilling profession! Many people have included eating out in their regular activities whether to foster personal or professional relationships. Additionally, the need to have food catered by a professional is a necessity in several occasions. Hence, there will always be venues for a skilled culinary expert like you! Tourism and Hospitality Accredited
Counselling and Psychology Course The ICI Counselling and Psychology course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on self-assessment and development. Units are devoted for listening. There are also modules focusing on relationships and counselling. Understanding an individual on multiple perspectives is also a topic covered. Other topics included are dealing with difficulties and types of helping conversations. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Criminal Justice & Criminology Course The Criminal Psychology course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It will assists you in entering a fast growing profession. Security, Investigation and Policing Accredited
Criminal Psychology Course ICI’s criminal psychology course is your first step in attaining a career that can only be paralleled by very few professions in terms of being unique and intriguing. If you have the desire to understand the behaviour of offenders so you can be of help to the society and the victims, then consider our criminal psychology curriculum and learn from the experts in this field. Course Outline • Introduction to Criminal Psychology • Psychological approaches to understanding crime • Psychology and understanding serious crimes • Mental disorder and crime • Gender and Crime • Youth and Crime • Psychology and the Police • Psychology in the Courtroom • Psychology and Crime Prevention Security, Investigation and Policing Accredited
Dental Assistant Course Perhaps more than having a job that pays well, dental assistants can feel good about the fact that they are helping many people achieve better smiles. If you are interested in achieving skills that are desired by many dentist-employers, enrol in ICI’s dental assistant course. Our course will provide all the training you need to be a reliable and qualified dental assistant. Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
E-Business Course The ICI E-Business course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. An introductory unit focuses on understanding of the e-business. The program also covers units on planning, building, protecting, managing and improving an e-business. Business Accredited
Equine Horse Care course ICI's Equine Horse Care course has been designed to develop the specialist skills and knowledge required to manage horses, manage a stud farm, work at equestrian events as well as horse related professions such as working as a VET assistant, stable hand, groomer and trail ride leader. The course has been developed in consultation with industry stakeholders to ensure relevancy and a skill set that will give you the knowledge and confidence you will need to succeed in horse related professions. Students will cover the following main themes in equestrian horse care and management: horse behavior, training, handling, grooming and stable management. Animals Accredited
Event Management Course The ICI Event Management course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on event planning and organization. A module will also focus on the services and specializations of an event manager. Other topics covered are on venues, marketing, vendors and potential clients. A special module puts emphasis on the day of the event. Business Accredited
Executive Secretarial Course The ICI Executive Secretarial course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the effective use of MS Word and MS Excel. There are also units on project administration, information systems implementation and workplace occupational health and safety. Other modules include complex document writing and effective communication. Business Accredited
Fashion Design Course The ICI Fashion Design course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the fashion and design process; fashion design skills; and fashion design careers. Other modules deal with starting your own fashion design business and marketing your designs. Art and Design Accredited
Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant Course A successful career in fashion is envied by many. After all, there are probably very few professions that can rival the glamour of being a fashion guru. The world of fashion is definitely one of the most watched and many people are always concerned about what other people wear, celebrity or not. If you wish to work in this fabulous field as a fashion stylist or image consultant, then start with a program from ICI. Art and Design Accredited
Floristry Course The ICI Floristry course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on colour and design, creating floral arrangements and florist services. There are also units on how to get hired as a florist and how to start your own flower shop. Art and Design Accredited
Forensics Course Our forensics course will surely benefit professionals in the field of law enforcement and private investigation as well those working for homeland security, intelligence services, forensics laboratories and certain government branches. The course uncovers the science behind forensics and discusses the most relevant tasks in this field. Security, Investigation and Policing Accredited
Frontline Management Course The ICI Frontline Management course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on effective workplace relationships and team effectiveness. There are also modules on operational plan, workplace safety and information systems. Other topics included are work priorities, continuous improvement and coping with change and innovation. Business Accredited
Graphics Design & Desktop Publishing Course 1 Learning the Basics 2 Tools and Workplace 3 Raw Materials 4 Printing and Prepress 5 Digital Illustration 6 Advanced Digital Illustration 7 Design and Typography 8 Desktop Publishing 9 Web Design 10 Design and Marketing Art and Design Accredited
Hairdressing Course A career in hairdressing is exciting as it is. Add the fact that it is a profession recognised all over the world (and therefore gives you many opportunities to work and be known in any or every part of the globe) and you will realise that you are in for a great career ride if you choose a hairdressing course. ICI gives you all the training you need to start a successful career in hairdressing. Art and Design Accredited
Horticulture Course A career in horticulture is perfect for individuals who adore gardening, love working outdoors, and want to put their management, design, planning, science, and technical skills to good use. At ICI, we introduce to you a comprehensive horticulture course that endows you with skills necessary to be successful in this field. Horticulture Accredited
Hospitality Management Course The ICI Hospitality Management course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on staff and organization of the hotel workplace. There are also units dealing on control systems, front desk management, activities management and building and facility management. Other modules included are room service, general cleaning and food service. Tourism and Hospitality Accredited
Human Resources Course The ICI Human Resources course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the management of HR consultancy services, HR information systems and performance management systems. There are also modules on remuneration and employment benefits; recruitment selection and induction process; and, separation and termination. Units on work/life skills management and rehabilitation programs are also included. Business Accredited
Import Export Course The ICI Import/Export course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the introduction to international trading and the sourcing of products and sellers. Modules on advertising; laws and regulations; and, documentation are also included. Other topics covered are the agency agreement; finding buyers; and, the difference between an agent and a merchant. Business Accredited
Interior Design and Decoration Course The ICI Interior Design and Decoration course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on elements and principles of design; functional and decorative use of colour; and, building systems and components. There are several modules focused on light and colour. A unit is also devoted on the step by step process of decorating. Other topics covered are materials, furnishings and interior planting. Art and Design Accredited
Jewellery Design Course The ICI Jewellery Design course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on how to design jewellery, types of jewellery, equipment and the design process. A unit is devoted to preparing you for this career. Other modules tackle the starting your own business, selling your designs and getting hired as a jewellery designer. Art and Design Accredited
Journalism Course The ICI Journalism course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the journalism world and different media types. Other modules focus on the law, courts and public administration. There are also units with emphasis on skills – interviewing and writing. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Landscaping Course The ICI Landscaping course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on landscape design and planning. Other modules take on visual analysis, street scape and cost estimation. There are also units on irrigation, exterior lighting, erosion control and urban forestry. Art and Design Accredited
Learn A New Language ICI language courses help people who need to speak another language quickly. By learning a language on several fronts at once, the language-learning network in your brain internalizes the rules of the language you are acquiring. The result: a new language spoken in as little as 30 minutes! We have courses for the following languages: Albanian, Armenian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese , Cantonese), Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Arabic (Egypt), Farsi (Persian), Hebrew and Turkish. Humanities Accredited
Life Coaching Course ICI’s life coaching course gives you the opportunity to guide people on their search for personal satisfaction and/or professional growth. Life coaching careers are very fulfilling because a competent life coach becomes a part of other people’s improvement as a person and as a career-driven individual. This career choice is very exciting, too, as it offers tons of opportunities to establish new relationships and at the same time benefit from its flexibility and earning potentials. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Marketing Course The ICI Marketing course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units identifying, researching and profiling the market. There are also modules on consumer behaviour analysis and marketing activities monitoring and implementation. Units on selling; distribution and its channels; and direct marketing databases analysis are also included. Business Accredited
Massage Course Massage therapy is recognized by many individuals and even by medical professionals as highly effective in alleviating and managing many kinds of body pains and illnesses. With such acceptance, it is not surprising that the massage industry grew to a remarkable level. Join this fast-rising industry today by completing a massage course from ICI. Natural Therapies Accredited
Mediation Course Letting a mediator handle dispute can be a more cost-efficient, private and effective solution compared to bringing the case to court and/or hiring lawyers or solicitors. This statement is supported by a recent ranking report, “30 Best Careers”. In the same study, mediators reportedly performed excellently in terms of job satisfaction, salary and reputation. The profession continues to gain popularity all over the world and anticipates growth in employment opportunities. Security, Investigation and Policing Accredited
Medical Secretary Course ICI gives you the opportunity to join the challenging yet highly fulfilling field of medicine as a medical secretary. If you are genuinely interested in health and medicine and have superb customer service skills, you can enjoy a rewarding career in this profession. Business Accredited
MYOB Course MYOB experts gain the edge in accounts, bookkeeping, accounting and office administration. Get your MYOB certificate from ICI and be able to move your career forward. Business Accredited
Nanny Course ICI’s professional nanny course provides all information and training you need to gain employment in this fast-growing industry. Do you love being with children? Playing with them and enjoying fun activities together? Then this career could be a calling for you instead of a job. Fortunately, it’s also one where opportunities are excellent. In fact, in the last five years, employment increased at an incredible rate and this is expected to grow even more. Education Accredited
Nursing Assisting Course Professionals in the nursing and patient care industry hold various job titles like nursing assistant, health care aid and patient care staff but whatever the position is, they should be patient and caring and always possess the desire to assist people who cannot fully care for themselves. Of course, they should be in excellent physical condition to perform well in their duties. They can find employment opportunities in home healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, group shelters and even in private residences. They work under the supervision of patient services managers and nurses and perform duties that support clinical care such as catering, cleaning and transporting patients. With additional training, nursing and patient care assistants can become registered nurses. Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Nutrition & Diet Course A career in natural health will never go out of style because what you will be taking care of is everyone’s best investment – the body. Today, as more and more people lead hectic lifestyles and have demanding careers, stress and sickness are always around the corner. ICI’s natural health course is carefully developed by nutrition & diet experts to arm you with information and skills needed to be a credible professional in the field. Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Paralegal Secretarial Course The ICI Paralegal Secretarial course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the Legal process and procedure; legal documents and background checks; and, client services. Other modules focus on legal records, communication and organization. There are units that emphasize the use of technology and creating effective workplace relationships. Information Technology Accredited
Personal Trainer Course Join a booming industry that provides an array of career opportunities while helping other people look and feel better – the fitness industry. ICI guides you in entering the enticing world of fitness as a personal trainer. Be able to make your clients achieve a healthy physique by learning more about the human body and the most effective exercises for every body type and objective. Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Pet Care / VET Assistant Course A career in the animal care or pet care industry appeals to those with innate love for pets and animals in general. If you adore the furry and the cuddly and care for the untamed, you may want to consider rendering assistance to veterinary doctors. A vet assistant course from ICI can guide you in the steps necessary to be a reliable and successful veterinary assistant. Animals Accredited
Pharmacy Assistant Course If you are a motivated individual who believe in hard work, have excellent organizational skills, and genuinely care for customers, then a career as a pharmacy assistant may be right for you! Pharmacy assistants enjoy stable and rewarding careers that are indispensable in the health care industry. Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Photography Course The ICI Photography course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on equipment, lighting, style and composition. Other modules focus on photojournalism and portfolio and promotion. Art and Design Accredited
Political Science Course The ICI Political Science course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on political philosophy and the theories of political behaviour. Other units deal with international law and the different political systems. There are also units on the political party, political campaign, elections and voting. Modules on public administration and bureaucracy and public relations are also included. Science Accredited
Private Investigation Course Our comprehensive Private Investigator curriculum is all you need to start a practice in this exciting industry. We put in information that normally takes years to gain. Successful private investigators also share tricks of the trade in this all-inclusive course. Security, Investigation and Policing Accredited
Project Management Course Project management is a fast-growing profession and this is very understandable because almost every industry rely on project managers to oversee works from inception to completion. Government departments and private companies alike need dependable and capable individuals to lead their projects to success. If you wish to gain the skills required to become a project manager, enrol in ICI’s project management course and achieve a rewarding profession that is desired in many industries. Security, Investigation and Policing Accredited
Public Relations Course The ICI Public Relations course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the functions of a PR specialist and career and skills development. Other units emphasize on freelancing and finding clients. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Real Estate Course The ICI Real Estate course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on property sales and management. Other units focus on business practices and agency services. A special elective unit on State Registration to Practice is offered. Successful completion of this elective will result in the fulfilment of the educational requirements for registration with your state’s Office of Fair Trading, allowing you to be directly involved in selling or leasing of property. Business Accredited
Retail Management Course The ICI Retail Management course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on developing and recognizing skills; leading and managing people; and managing human resources. Other modules focus on financial resources, store operations and marketing. Business Accredited
Sales Course Employers are aware that having competent sales force is very important and many organizations can’t thrive without sales people improving the cash flow. Not surprisingly, jobs in sales are available in almost any business, whether it caters directly to consumers (Business to Customer) or to other businesses (B2B or Business to Business). Sales people hold various titles, from sales representative to sales manager and sales consultant. Account executives, managers and representatives also belong to the sales force. Other positions include estimators, agents and marketing managers. A sales career can be very rewarding and employment opportunities are plenty. Business Accredited
Sports Management Course The ICI Sports Management course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the context of sporting and sporting development. There are also units on leadership, cooperation and people. Organizational management is also a topic covered. Other modules included are management practice, event management and marketing. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Teachers Aide Course Many people find satisfaction in being a part of an individual’s growth. As a teacher’s aide, you can experience this while enjoying an exciting and fun-filled career. Although this profession does come with challenges, becoming a teacher’s aide can be very fulfilling. Just enter the field prepared by completing a teacher’s aide course from ICI and you will surely find success and stability in this career. Education Accredited
TESOL Course The ICI TESOL Program helps you learn the required skills quickly and conveniently. The course program covers modules on teaching methods and classroom management. There are also modules on English system, skills, spelling and phonology. Other modules focus on the productive and receptive skills. The use of visual aids, games and activities are also included. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Travel and Tourism Course The ICI Travel and Tourism course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on tourism system and development; destination; products; and, industry. There are also units on economic, social, cultural and economic impacts of tourism. Some modules also deal with handling tourists – understanding and communicating them better. Other topics covered include reservations processing and alternative and sustainable tourism. Tourism and Hospitality Accredited
Web Design Course ICI delivers a web design course that will keep you significant in the booming e-commerce and IT sectors. Our course teaches you everything you need to create practical and attractive web pages. As web designers become more in demand, you will definitely thank yourself for choosing this course. Information Technology Accredited
Wedding Planning Course The ICI Wedding Planner course was designed in conjunction with industry experts. The program covers units on the functions of a wedding planner and self-organization. There are specialized modules on the ceremony and location; on-the-day coordination; and, people involved and their roles. There are also modules on catering; flowers and decorations; and, invitations and guest lists. Other units will tackle budgets, finances and contracts. Business Accredited
Zoology Course A zoo keeper’s duties typically include care and maintenance of animals such as food preparation and keeping enclosures clean and safe. Oftentimes, they are required to make detailed observations as well as assist in capturing and restraining animals. Keeping records is usually part of the job too. Aside from becoming a zoo keeper, the course can also pave way for jobs like VET assistant and wild life officer. You can also work for animal hospitals and day care centers, impound centers and protection agencies. Specialized animal management areas and exotic animals are often handled by specialist zoo keepers. Animals Accredited
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