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Description: Health Academy offers affordable online courses in Nutrition, Natural Health, Psychology, Medical Terminology, Health and Fitness and Biological Sciences. We specialise in online health courses.

Credentials: Read what students said about studying with Health Academy Australia! "I really appreciate all the support you've given me throughout my course" Hayley (Certificate in Human Biology). "Thank you very much I really enjoyed doing the course and have learnt a lot from it" Catherine F (Children’s Nutrition). "Thank you. I've enjoyed the course. Very challenging" Kristine (Certificate in Psychology)
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Abnormal Psychology The course has 11 lessons: 1. Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence Identify disorders first prevalent under 18 years of age. 2. Delirium, Dementia, Amnesic & Other Cognitive Disorders Compare and contrast delirium and dementia. 3. Substance-Related Disorders Distinguish between substance abuse disorders and substance dependence disorders. 4. Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders Differentiate between psychotic disorders 5. Mood Disorders Distinguish between Unipolar disorders and Bipolar disorders. 6. Anxiety Disorders Describe different types of Anxiety Disorders 7. Somatoform, Factitious, and Dissociative Disorders Distinguish between Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders 8. Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Discuss Gender Identity Disorder, Paraphilias and Sexual Dysfunction. 9. Eating & Sleep Disorders Identify Eating Disorders and Sleep Disorders 10. Impulse-Control Disorders; Adjustment Disorder Distinguish between Impulse Control Disorders and Adjustment disorders. 11. Personality Disorders Distinguish between different types of Personality Disorder. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Adolescent Psychology Adolescence can be simply defined as the period of a person’s life between puberty and maturity (adulthood) generally the teenage years. This is not merely something discussed in scientific terms, but rather an important social phase in a person’s life. This course helps you understand adolescence, and deal better with the problems that arise for anyone going through this phase of life. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Advanced Aerobics The Advanced Aerobics course is self-supported comprehensive E-course to designed for aerobics instructors or people interested in a career in the fitness industry. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Advanced Certificate in Counselling The advanced certificate in counselling is designed for people who want to train to become a qualified counsellor with speciality streams. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling This course provides a strong grounding in human nutrition and the basic skills needed to advise or counsel people in this area. It is ideal for those who want to enter into a career as a Nutritional Counsellor. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Aged care Counselling Develop your understanding of the ageing process, and counselling the elderly cope more effectively with their grief and aging process. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Anger Management This course aims to help you understand ANGER, and develop skills to deal with ANGER in: the workplace with counselling clients in everyday life in your personal relationships your own reactions sporting situations Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Aromatherapy Course Develop a basic understanding of the safe use of aromatherapy oils and their production. Learning the botanical names of plants and how they are derived is an important part of aromatherapy. Natural Therapies
Back Care Course This is a Mini Online course on Back care. Back problems are becoming more and more common due to work on computers, bad posture or lifestyle. This course is great for people who want to take care of their back as well as for massage therapists and fitness professionals. Natural Therapies
Biochemistry Biochemistry is at the base of most health sciences, prepare yourself for your health science career by studing biochemistry. Biochemistry I (Animal) is an introductory course to biochemistry. Natural Therapies Accredited
Biochemistry II Strengthen your knowledge on Biochemistry and further your career in Health and Life Sciences. This course goes deeper into every type of molecule that is important for animal life. Discover the importance of enzymes, amino acids and proteins, lipids and fatty acids, carbohydrates and polisaccharids, hormones, vitamins, and nucleic acids. Science Accredited
Biochemistry III There are eleven lessons in this module as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Glycolysis and Glycogen Metabolism 3. Movement through Membranes 4. Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation 5. Sugar and Polysaccharide Metabolism 6. Lipid Metabolism 7. Amino Acid Metabolism 8. Nucleotide Metabolism 9. Enzyme Activity 10. Other Processes Science Accredited
Biopsychology Course There are eight lessons : Introduction Types of external and internal stimuli, mind-body debate, introduction to the nervous system. The senses Sensory input, sensory perception, description of the major senses. The Nervous System Description of the neurons, the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system. The Endocrine System Effect of hormones on behaviour and physiology, association of endocrine system and nervous system, connection between external and internal stimuli. Stress Types of stressors, physical affects of stress, personality & stress. Emotions Homeostasis, eating disorders, physiological responses to emotions, theories of emotion. Consciousness Degrees of consciousness, awareness & attention, altered states of consciousness. Project Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Biopsychology II Expand your understanding of physiological (including genetic) influences on brain process (such as memory) and human behaviour. A stand alone course that complements Biopsychology I, Self paced, 100 hour course Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Careers Counselling Starting or changing a career can be quite a challenge. Without help, a person can easily become discouraged or overwhelmed. If you want to help others (or yourself) make sound career decisions and set realistic career goals, this course will set you on that path. Careers Counselling involves more than just finding work for people. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Cell Biology This course contains 11 lessons 1. Introduction to Cells 2. Chemical Composition 3. Chemical Processes 4. Genetic Information 5. Membranes 6. Nucleus 7. Protein Structure and Function in the Cell 8. Bioenergetics 9. Cell Signaling/Communication 10. The Cell Cycle 11. Tissues Science Accredited
Certificate in Biochemistry Certificate in Biochemistry Includes: Biochemistry I Biochemistry II Biochemistry III Education Accredited
Certificate in Counselling The Certificate in counselling is a comprehensive course for potential counsellors and perope looking for a career in counselling. It has three modules. Counselling Skills I Counselling Skills II Counselling Techniques Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Certificate In Human Biology This is a Comprehensive course in Human Biology. Which consits of introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and an In depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physionlogy. Science Accredited
Certificate in Human Nutrition The Certificate in Human Nutrition is developed for people aiming to work as a Nutritionist or as a Nutritional Counsellor. It is complete education on all aspects of Human Nutrition. Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Certificate in Mental Health Approx. 300 hours of online study, 2 years of enrolment, on average the course is completed within 6-9 months. This course is made up of the following 3 modules: Mental Health and Psychology Assessment Mental Health Assessment in Adults Mental Health Assessment in Children Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Certificate in Psychology Our Certificate in Psychology is a unique, specialised course. This course also give you credits into the Diploma in Psychology and counselling which is recognised by the Complementary medicine association (UK) and The International accreditation and recognition council and articulates with the master’s degree in counselling and psychology offered by Warnborough college Ireland. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Certificate in Psychology and Counselling This certificate is made up of three modules; Counselling Skills 1 Introduction to Psychology Psychology & Counselling Course Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Certificate in Youth Counselling This Certificate is ideal for people working with young adults or wanting to counsel children and young people. It consists of 3 modules: Adolescent Psychology, Child Psychology and Relationship Counselling Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Certified Weightloss Consultant Weight Management is one of the major issues today. Help people manage their weight and keep it off by teaching them the right way to eat and balance their lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight. Natural Therapies Accredited
Child Psychology Child psychology is concerned with the development of a person over the course of their childhood. This involves the development of a child's mental processes (ie. cognitive development); emotional and social behaviour. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Children's Nutrition The Children's course is a comprehensive course which explains the nutritional needs of children from pre natal, infancy stages to adolescence. This is a must course for people working in the health and nutrition industry and also for people who work with children. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Conflict Management Course This is a course for: Human Resource Managers, Supervisors and Business owners Counsellors and Welfare Workers Parents, Teachers or anyone else who is confronted with managing conflict Conflicts abound in our everyday life. Most conflict arises out of disagreements between how we should behave/act or even think and feel. Conflict is a natural part of life, and without it, we would not challenge each other to do or be better but would merely passively accept what is dished out to us, like robots! More often than not, it’s not the conflict that is the problem, but how we choose to deal with it that brings us negative results and depleted relationships. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Counselling Skills I Learn about yourself and develop the capacity to help others? The role of the counsellor is to facilitate the person’s resolution of these issues, whilst respect their values, personal resources, culture and capacity for choice. Counselling can provide people with a regular time and space to talk about their problems and explore difficult feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Counselling Skills II It is sometimes the case that clients expect that the counsellor will be able to conjure up an instant cure. In such cases, it may well be necessary for the counsellor to spell out to the client that they are not an expert who can offer a magical solution to the client’s problems, but that their role is to help the client express their problems and feelings so as to gain a better understanding of themselves. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Counselling Techniques The course is divided into eight lessons as follows: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy l: Freud (& Erikson); Jung Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy ll: Adler Humanistic/Existential Approaches I: Gestalt Therapy; Fritz Perls Humanistic/Existential Approaches II: Person-Centred Counselling; Carl Rogers Rational Behavioural Therapy: Albert Ellis Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Aaron Beck Behavioural Therapy: Solution-Focused Counselling: Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Criminal Psychology Course Aim Develop your understanding of criminal psychology and how psychology is used in law enforcement and crime prevention. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Crisis Counselling Crises happens to everyone, and intervention can take many forms, from family helping and support strategies to professional counselling strategies aimed at helping the individual cope with crisis in ways that reduce the negative psychological, physiological and behavioural effects of trauma on that person and his or her environment Psychology and Counselling
Developmental Psychology The course is divided into ten lessons as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Early childhood 3. Middle childhood 4. Challenges of middle childhood 5. Adolescence 6. Challenges of adolescence 7. Adulthood 8. Challenges of adulthood 9. Late adulthood 10. Challenges of late adulthood Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Diploma in Counselling The Diploma in Counselling is an excellent qualification to practice as a registered counsellor. This Nationally recognised qualification will qualify you to set up your own counselling consultancy. Students who complete the Diploma in counselling can register as counsellors with these organisations - Australian Community Counselling Association. - Australian Counselling and Guidance Association Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Educational Psychology What is educational psychology? From a literal standpoint, one could argue that the study of learners, learning and teaching, is all subsumed under the heading ‘educational psychology’. For those who wish to adopt the principles of educational psychology in an educational setting, this definition can be expanded to include the knowledge, wisdom and everyday theory that every teacher requires in order to resolve the dilemmas that occur teaching on a daily basis. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Foundation Diploma In Natural Health This course is excellent for people looking to enter into a career in Natural Therapies or have a passion for Alternative and Complementary Medicine. This course can be done as is or as a foundation course After completing this you may upgrade to the advanced diplomas offered by Health Schools Australia. If you decide to do the Foundation Diploma by itself you will be awarded the Foundation Diploma by Health Academy Australia and the course will be internationally accredited by IARC. This can also be used to gain significant credits for the Pre med Diploma offered by Warnborough College in UK and Ireland. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Grief Counselling After bereavement, family and friends may support us, but sometimes this is not enough. Sadness is a typical and natural reaction. We may want to discuss the deceased person, will probably become upset when we do. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Human Biology 1 Human Biology 1 is a introductory course in human anatomy and physiology. It is a great course for anyone who is interested in a career in health or medicine or for school leavers who are keen to go to University for medicine or science. Science Accredited
Introduction to Nutrition Introduction to Human Nutrition course is a comprehensive course developed for health care professionals to enable them to understand the relationship between nutrition and human body. This course is your first step toward a serious understanding of human nutrition. Natural Therapies Accredited
Introduction to Psychology Learn psychology fundamentals Gain a foundation for counselling and psychology Dont waste time, study from home Gain confidence in studying New students want to gain a strong foundation in psychology and understanding people. Enrol now in your course to start your new career. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Life Coaching Life coaching not only involves planning and engaging in processes to bring about change, it can also involve the life coach in motivating the client to accept the need for inner change in order to bring about outer change. In the end, the processes of recognising a need for change and for managing change may be even more valuable and contribute more to the personal growth of the client than the outcomes. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Marketing Psychology Explore why people choose to buy what they buy Discover how to raise visibility and succeed at marketing Flexible, 100 hour self paced course Be tutored by marketing and psychology professionals Due to the sheer mass of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, we tend to filter out the information that is not immediately important, and instead concentrate on that which is. This is known as attention. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Medical Reception Certificate This course consists of 3 modules medical terminology, Anatomy and Physiology and Office Skills. Role of a Medical Receptionist : Medical receptionists perform much of the administrative duties associated with a doctor's offices and hospitals. Medical receptionists’ tasks will generally include answering the telephone, filing medical records, completing insurance forms, scheduling appointments/follow-ups with patients, billing, bookkeeping, and greeting patients upon arrival. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Medical Terminology Course DO YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH DOCTORS AND PATIENTS? A special course designed for people working or wishing to work in medical environments, with no medical training, to develop skills to communicate clearly and effectively using medical terminology. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Neuropsychology Our behaviour, personality and thought processes are affected by neurobiological processes and can be altered by any damage to our nervous system. Study Neuropsychology to gain an understanding of how psychology in a person can be affected by their own anatomical and psychological characteristics. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Neuropsychology Our behaviour, personality and thought processes are affected by neurobiological processes and can be altered by any damage to our nervous system. Study Neuropsychology to gain an understanding of how psychology in a person can be affected by their own anatomical and psychological characteristics. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Nutrition for Disease Management Nutrition for Disease Management is a Special course mainly focusing on diet palns for people suffering from diet related diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, intolerances etc. This is a great course as part of the human nutrition certificate or as stand alone for knowledge or to complement your current career. Natural Therapies Accredited
Nutrition for Weightloss This course provides a very sound foundation for anyone to advise others (eg. as a life coach, nutritional advisor, etc) or to understand and better manage your own weight problems; or those of your family. Natural Therapies Accredited
Nutrition II The content of each of the eight lessons is outlined below: 1. Cooking And Its Affect On Nutrition 2. Food Processing And Its Affect On Nutrition 3. Recommended Daily Intake Of Nutrients 4. Vitamins 5. Minerals 6. Planning A Balanced Diet 7. Assessing Nutritional Status And Needs 8. Timing Of Meals, And Needs For Special Groups Natural Therapies Accredited
Nutrition III The content of each lesson is outlined below:- Problems with Eating Dental Problems Fibre and Bowel Diseases Different Ways of Eating Food Toxicity Food Toxicity Detoxification/Body Cleansing Consulting/ Giving Advice Natural Therapies Accredited
Professional Practice in Counselling The course is divided into seven lessons as follows: 1. Understanding Counselling 2. Ethics & Confidentiality 3. Understanding the Self 4. Personality 5. Emotions & Behaviour 6. Supervision 7. Referral Practice Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Psychology and Counselling Learn about your own conditioning and behvioural responses and learn to analyse others. Study something that will help you and help others! Hardly a day goes by without the feeling of stress creeping over us. Leading research from around the world has concluded that 70% to 90% of adults visit primary care physicians for stress-related problems. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Relationship Communications Many of us wear a number of different hats – we are partner (husband/wife), daughter, son, mother, father, uncle, aunty, sister, brother, friend, colleague etc. We are also members of a number of different groups – work, sports team, local community group, political group, fire and rescue volunteer, advisory committee, advocacy panel etc. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Social Psychology Man is a social animal, and as such, it is very important to understand the psychology of how we interact with each other, or act as a group rather than as an individual. By understanding the "natural" social needs of a person, you can develop an increased sensitivity to other people, and better identify and assist people with attending to deficiencies in their social interactions. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition is a course on the nutrional needs for athletes and sports people. It is designed for people sports counsellors, personal trainers and Nutrition Consultants. Sports people often have special dietary needs to help them fulfil their athletic potential Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Sports Psychology Sports psychology is the study of the interaction between a person’s psychology and their participation in sport. Singer (1978) defined it as “the science of psychology applied to sport”. Whilst the field of psychology is relatively young, sports psychology is even younger. The field of sports psychology has much to offer, carrying out useful research that can be made available to athletes and coaches. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Stress Management How to Manage Stress is something everyone needs to learn. This course develops yoyr ability to manage stress or help others to manage stress at work, at home and across your whole life. Psychology and Counselling Accredited
Weightloss Consultant Course Study to be a Weight Loss Consultant by Distance Education The prevalence of obesity is increasing in all age groups and virtually all populations worldwide. With this rise in obesity rates has come a wide range of opportunities to develop weight loss services to help clients to lose weight and increase their fitness levels. Throughout this course we shall examine how to set up effective weight loss services and provide you with the knowledge and skills to support these services. Natural Therapies Accredited
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