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Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT)

Description: Global recognised EMT registry.....

Credentials: NAEMT NAEMSE ECSI Registered eACLS Educational Centre. Read what is being said about AREMT! "If a prospective EMT approaches us who has accreditation with AREMT we are assured that they have achieved a high level and quality emergency medical technician training (to international standards) with a corresponding competency at their appropriate level". Derick Burns, Principle Training Officer (South Australian Government licensed volunteer ambulance service). "There can be no doubt that the Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians has been highly instrumental in assisting us in establishing and maintaining truly international standards of training and care in the pre-hospital field here in the Philippines to the extent that we have not only gained national recognition, but also widespread international acclaim". Aidan Tasker-Lynch, Excutive Director, Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians.
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Course NameCourse DescriptionCategoryStatus
Advanced Treatment of Trauma Advanced Treatment of Trauma ACEM ACCREDITED Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Certificate IV Emergency Medical Response Emergency Medical Technician Certificate IV qualification for all EMS and Industry professionals. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Diploma in Paramedical Science HLT50402 Diploma in Paramedical Science Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
eACLS Online AAOS accredited online Advanced Cardiac Life Support course. 6-8 hours interactive with AAOS accreditation. A practical component is required for issue of ACLS card. Sports, Recreation and Fitness
Emergency First Aid Responder An advanced program designed for participants wishing to gain competencies toward a Certificate III in Occupational Emergency Care or equivalent. Comptencies will require practical follow-up of AQTF requirements for Statement of Attainment towards HLT02 or equivalent HLT packages. Nursing and Health Sciences
EMPACT Emergency Medical Patient Assessment Critical Transport Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Healthcare Practitioner - EMT Transition HCP-EMT transition pgm recognised by MOH and MHE in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
Remote Emergency Medical Technician Offshore Remote EMT course based on Australian HLT Certificate IV EMT programme,for Offshore Remote medics.. Sports, Recreation and Fitness Accredited
Remote Medical Practitioner The RMP Training Program teaches the knowledge, skills and experience needed to provide the finest extended and primary medical care possible in remote and difficult settings rather than in a first world, urban and sanitised setting. The Program is set as as 2 phase curriculum: Phase 1 - This phase is based on USSOCOM's advanced Tactical Practitioner program. Phase 2 - Combines lectures, hands-on skills labs (including tissue labs) and realistics firled exercises in jungle, hills, rivers and caves found at our training centre. This phase consists of 30 days in a remote location ACCRM ACCREDITED COURSE (AUSTRALIA) Nursing and Health Sciences Accredited
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