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Aromatherapy Course Aromatherapy is one of the most widely-used therapies This course will enable you to learn the broad principles needed to conduct it successfully. Natural Therapies
Article Writing The school's article writing course teaches you how to channel your energies into obtaining the tools and learning the techniques required to write and sell freelance articles. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Beauty Therapy Course Interested in starting a career in beauty therapy? Or maybe you would like to learn the skills of the beauty therapist so you can pamper your friends, family or partner? Whatever your goal, Lifestyle Learning direct's Beauty Therapy Course is the perfect introduction to this exciting, diverse and rewarding industry. Art and Design
Business Writing This course has been designed by industry professionals for The Writing School and teaches you the strategies needed to increase the clarity, impact and professionalism of emails, memos, letters, proposals, reports and resumes. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Comprehensive Writing The Writing School's Comprehensive Writing course covers many aspects of writing. You learn the broad techniques for writing novels, articles, short stories, plays, television scripts and more. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Editing & Proofreading If you want to enter an exciting industry that could give you a full or part-time income then The Writing School's Editing & Proofreading course is for you. English, Creative Writing and Journalism Accredited
Fashion Design & Dressmaking The Sackville Academy will show you how to read patterns, choose materials and cover all aspects of making a garment from start to finish. We teach you how to sketch, to communicate your ideas plus give you tips on how the experienced designers do it. Art and Design
Feng Shui Course The Sackville Academy's Feng Shui course will enable you to improve your surroundings and teach you the skills to help others. Environment
Garden Design Course The Sackville Academy Garden Design course is designed to help you become a Garden Designer. Whether you just love the outdoors and want to improve your own garden, or wish to make a change to a new career, this is an industry that is continuing to boom. Art and Design Accredited
Homeopathy Course Throughout this course brought to you by The Sackville Academy you will gain a broad understanding of the practices and principles used in this industry. Why not start with this fun and stimulating course to enjoy the art of healing for yourself. Natural Therapies
Interior Design & Decoration This Sackville Academy's Interior Design & Decoration course will help develop your creativity and show you how to use colour, texture, fabric, style, furnishings, accessories and lighting in a way that reflects your own personal taste. Art and Design Accredited
Massage Course With the Sackville Academy's massage course you will learn many aspects of massage covering virtually every centimetre of the body. You will learn the safe and correct way to prepare and give a massage. Natural Therapies
Private Investigation The Sackville Academy's Private Investigation course examines surveillance techniques that are used to start and properly conduct an investigation, explains legal implications and explores the various issues involved in being a Private Investigator. Business
Public Relations The Sackville Academy's Public Relations course will provide you with a broad knowledge of this fun and exciting profession. Business
Reflexology Course Throughout The Sackville Academy's Reflexology course you will learn how to alleviate a range of conditions through massage and gain a greater understanding of the human body. Natural Therapies
Starting Your Own Business The Sackville Academy's Starting Your Own Business course can teach you the skills and principles you should know to establish your own business, so you can enjoy the freedom that comes from working for yourself. Business
Technical Writing Course With this Technical Writing course from The Sackville Academy you will study the skills needed to become a confident Technical Writer and learn how to apply your knowledge in the business world. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
Young Writers Course The Writing School's 'Young Writers' course is ideal for 15-20 year olds who love writing, want to improve their writing skills or who are interested in a career in the writing industry. English, Creative Writing and Journalism
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