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Teflen Training College


Credentials: Teflen Training College is an online provider of quality TESOL/TEFL Training courses. The certification received from Teflen graduates will assist them in finding exciting work in a variety of locations worldwide. Teflen Training College is on the cutting edge of TESOL/TEFL Training, our online campus allows students a comfortable learning experience by providing flexible hours and full trainer support.
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Address: PO Box 325, St Ives, NSW, 2075

Course NameCourse DescriptionCategoryStatus
1. TESOL MASTER COURSE TEFLEN Training College Master Course provides a full and comprehensive practical study of TESOL today. It aims to not only inform students of industry standards and contemporary teaching theory, but also challenge through a number of assessments. This is the highest level course TEFLEN offers. It is highly recommended for people seeking to live and work overseas. Education Accredited
2. TESOL ADVANCED COURSE The Advanced Course offered by TEFLEN Training College contains all of the knowledge of the Elementary and Foundation Courses, but also adds sections on advanced teaching techniques and sub-skill analysis. Education Accredited
3. TESOL FOUNDATION COURSE TEFLEN Training College's Foundation Course builds upon the framework of the Elementary Course. It provides not only the essential basics of TESOL, but also offers basic teaching and language theory. Education Accredited
4. TESOL ELEMENTARY COURSE The Elementary Course offered by TEFLEN Training College provides students with the basic tools and essential information needed to begin a career in TESOL. Aimed at students who have no experience in the field, the Elementary Course allows students to confidently take the important first step into an exciting new international career. Education Accredited
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