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The Online Bible College

Description: OBC is a powerful online training program in the Word of God. The Biblical Studies Course is designed to take one year if students study everyday. However, students are able to study at their own pace. The courses are offered free.

Credentials: Recently the Online Bible College was named as one of the top online ministry schools. They have over 30,000 registered students from 160 nations. As well as the free study program, OBC is in a relationship with Ames Christian Univeristy in Florida, USA, which receives credits from OBC for students wishing to further their studies for degrees. The courses and certificates are identical in both the OBC free study program and the OBC accredited study program.
Address: PO Box 1033, Newcastle, NSW 2300, Australia.

Course NameCourse DescriptionCategoryStatus
Biblical Studies Course 14 Mini-Courses with a total of 200 lessons. The course includes the following units: A Passion for God's Word; The Power of the Gospel; How to Teach the Word of God; Essential Truths I - Living with God; Essential Truths II - Walking with God; Essential Truths III - Walking with God; Types and Shadows; A Reasonable Faith; The Book of Romans; Learning to Hear God's Voice: A Crash Course in Evangelism; The Life and Times of Jesus Christ; Essential Church History; and A Gospel for the 21st Century. Religion Accredited
Developing a Devotional Lifestyle 200 Lessons - this is a free optional course. Contact the college directly for more information. Religion Accredited
Discovering Jesus 164 Lessons - this is a free optional course. Contact the college directly for more information. Religion Accredited
Practical Ministry Course 11 Mini-Courses with a total of 218 lessons. This course includes the following units: Born into the Family; So Great Salvation; High Value Living; Knowing God; The Body in Action; God's Praying People; The Heights of Worship; God's Magnificient Goal; Directives for the New Creation; Our Spiritual Roots; and Studies from the Book of Relevation. Religion Accredited
The School of the Shepherds "The School of the Shepherds" - 3 sections - "The Call of the Shepherd", "The Voice of the Shepherd" and "The Life of the Sheep" - in a total of 30 lessons. This course includes written notes and video teaching sessions for each lesson. Video Teaching - OBC has over 80 video teaching sessions on our dedicated OBC Youtube channel - Religion
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