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President's Annual Report 2016

IARC has now in its 17th year. It is a testament to our value that we continue to receive a constant stream of enquiries regarding membership, and sufficient new members every year, that our membership numbers remain constant or grow each year. 

The core purpose of IARC is still valid, and I cannot see that it will ever not be valid. This primary purpose is to provide a globally appropriate bench mark for quality in post-secondary education services at a reasonable and affordable cost for even smaller colleges and poorer nations. Systems like IARC that cross national borders are arguably more relevant into the future, than systems that are confined to single countries. Many of the functions of professional bodies may have been usurped over the years, but there are defined core functions that only a body like IARC can perform  

IARC has provided a point of contact between members around the world - linking institutions and individuals across international borders. People across the world are interconnected more than ever before, through social media, international trade and travel. Many other industry bodies have struggled to adapt to such changes. In the past, the professional institute or association was the thing that linked individuals in a profession, but for many, that link is now serviced by social media websites such as Linked In.

As I reported a couple of years ago, the world has become a place where change is the norm. The business of education continues to change faster than some colleges can keep up with, this causes serious problems for those institutions who do not keep abreast of relevant changes. 


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