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IARC Explained

The International Accreditation & Recognition Council (IARC) is a system that provides membership, approval and endorsement of institutions from any country or education system, provided they meet and satisfy a set of academic, ethical and operational standards, unanimously agreed upon by the membership of the committee.

The IARC is a forum for, and provides an opportunity for, networking among like-minded institutions and educators, committed to providing excellence in education. The IARC also provides an accreditation benchmark to those institutions seeking recognition and/or accreditation.

The global distribution of Recognised Members of IARC dictates that the IARC Executive Committee will not have an intimate knowledge of the day to day working practices of each Recognised Member.

Recognised Members are therefore required to provide signed confirmation that their actual working practices and procedures follow the documented practices and procedures, submitted to IARC, by evidence of which their Recognition is granted. Events which occur as a direct consequence of a Recognised Member's working practices deviating from or contravening the documented practices and procedures submitted to IARC, will be regarded as the sole responsibility of the Recognised Member.

Recognised Members are also required to provide signed confirmation that they agree to the terms to the IARC complaints arbitration system.

The Founder Members of the International Accreditation and Recognition Council are deemed to be:

Australian Correspondence Schools
Health Schools Australia
International College of Complementary Medicine
Floral Art Schools Australia

IARC has a UK based regional committee operating as Global Educations Connections - company number 09808362.  The pupose of the UK regional committee is to service UK and European based members.  

All enquiries for Global Education Connections should go to 


The Council's primary purpose is to provide a simple recognition and accreditation system, for distinguishing quality, post secondary education including vocational education, distance education, and adult and continuing education.

In response to increasing globalisation of world economies and societies, the system aims to have a global rather than national focus.

The organisation and individual members will promote the system through a website, liason with professional bodies internationally, and facilitating joint venture promotions between interested members.

In order to minimise member fees, administration costs, bureaucracy and an overlap with other professional bodies, the scope of activity of this Council will be strictly limited to the management of the recognition and accreditation system and the promotion of the system and participating colleges.

All Recognised members are required to sign agreement to, and in support of, the Council's Mission Statement.

To download the Membership Application Form and IARC Information Package CLICK HERE


Please call: + 61 7 5562 1088 or Fax: + 61 7 5562 1099



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